According to the latest released update from the Prime Minister the UK government guidelines hint that small weddings may be allowed to take place from 1st June 2020.

In step two of the plan which will not come into effect into at least the beginning of June, people will be allowed to meet one household beyond their own.

Currently weddings are banned as part of social distancing rules that prevent any mixing with people outside of your immediate household. This has caused most couples to take the difficult and disappointing decision to postpone their weddings to later this year or into 2021.

When Will Weddings Be Possible Again?

The government have given no exact dates for when weddings may be allowed to take place, but based on the information available there is likely to be no changes to the rules until the 1st June at the earliest.

The latest Government documentation reads: “There’s no change at this time. We understand the frustration couples planning a wedding must be feeling, so we have set out our intention to enable small wedding ceremonies from 1 June. As with all coronavirus restrictions on places of worship, venues and social distancing, we will look to ease them as soon as it is safe to do so.”

Should We Postpone Our Wedding?

Postponing your wedding is a heartbreaking decision, but rescheduling to later this year or into 2021 remains the safest option to ensure you get the wedding day that you want.

If you currently have a booking with ourselves we are offering any couples the opportunity to postpone their wedding with no penalties or cost changes to them at all. We understand that you didn’t expect to be put in this position and having to postpone your wedding is difficult enough without supplies tacking on penalty fees or additional costs for changing dates.

We are advising anyone that has a current booking with us that wish to postpone their wedding to contact us so we can allocate resources and availability to ensure we can supply the items for your big day.