MR & MRS Small Letters – 15″

Cost – £100 (excluding delivery) We offer 50 miles free delivery from our base with low cost delivery thereafter.

Please complete the contact form below and we will provide you a quote for the light up small MR & MRS letters including delivery. Please note these letters are only hired alongside our 5ft Letters. Please also note our letters are not designed to be placed outside.

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Our light up small MR & MRS letters for hire are 15″ high, these letters are designed to be placed on top of our 5ft letters. Please ensure that your venue has enough space to take the letters before hiring. The light up letters for hire are illuminated using an extra low voltage LED lighting system, which does not heat up like normal household lightbulbs so they are completely safe for you and your guests. Each light up letter is individually wired and fully PAT tested.


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